Our Mission


To establish a sustainable green, bio diverse, aesthetic freedom corridor along Kliprivier Drive in partnership with all stakeholders in such a manner that it will inspire others to follow suit and benefit the South of Johannesburg.


About Us

Kliprivier Urban Biodiversity Corridor (KUBiC) aspires to convert the South of Johannesburg into a visual experience. This initiative is a 3 – 10 year process of creating one of the first major green urban corridors in Gauteng.


The primary purpose of KUBiC is to enhance the visual travelling experience of the South of Johannesburg as one enters from the M1 merging with renowned conservation areas in and around the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve. The corridor will play a vital role in the promotion of tourism in the South and will endeavour to enhance the aesthetic value, which is mostly needed in areas between Booysens and Rifle Range Roads, and as such marked the launch of this project on the 31st October 2012.


At its launch, the KUBiC initiative was introduced and presented to the public and members of the media for the first time. Proceedings included an official welcome and presentation by Mr Andrew Barker (chairperson of KlipSA) and ended off with a tree planting ceremony near Rifle Range intersection.


This project fits in well with and supports the Corridors of Freedom recently announced by the mayor of Johannesburg, Councilor Mpho Parks Tau. The corridors are designed to change the urban settlement pattern of the City.


A complete ecological survey has been undertaken to identify the exact nature of the various biodiversity environments, from the urbanized areas in Booysens to the open and more natural areas around Mulbarton and everything in between. The study included all natural and manmade aspects with the aim of developing self-sustaining yet attractive habitats. These habitats will enhance the biodiversity of the existing environment and improve the natural linkages between fragmented open spaces. Corporate companies and individuals are encouraged to get involved with this sustainable greening initiative. The community of the South will directly benefit from the initiative socially, economically and environmentally.


This is a Thaba Ya Batswana initiative.